Famous Painters that have Painted Angels

Some of the most beautiful paintings in the world have been by famous painters that have painted angels. The majesty surrounding the paintings makes some of the most famous paintings in the world.

Find out more about some of the paintings below.

Madonna and Child by Giotto

Madonna and Child by Giotto is one of the most famous paintings in the world. What makes it even more so is how he beautifully captures Madonna and her child. Every curl on the woman’s head is done with expert detail, and with the shadowing sharpening her beautiful features. He captures the radiation of devotion to the Madonna.

The Annunciation – John Collier

This is an extraordinarily modern painting, yet captures the essence and magic of the past. In the painting, Mary, a schoolgirl, finds herself greeted by the Archangel Gabriel. The viewer of this painting is jolted with the immediateness of the scene, as the girl has untied shoelaces and messy black hair. Yet, despite this, the Archangel Gabriel bows before her. It is a beautiful representation of how modern times have shaped from the past.

Rest on the flight into Egypt – Caravaggio

Rest on the flight to Egypt is a painting that shocked the Christian church. Caravaggio painted Madonna in a red dress, the color at the time associated with loose-living). Not only that, but she is slumped over asleep. What makes the painting even more controversial is that he painted Joseph patiently holding sheets of music for an angel who is playing violin with black wings. Whilst the painting is unbelievably controversial, it has a beautiful element to it that symbolizes not everything is as it seems.

Madonna of the Rocks – Leonardo da Vinci

Leonardo da Vinci captures the calm beauty of Madonna and the sweetness of her face in his painting. A light shines from above onto Madonna’s face, the light of God. What makes this painting so beautiful is that Madonna’s face shows no grief or sin. She is the painting of innocence. An angel gentle supports her, blessing her. Many have commented throughout history and have said that this is one of the most beautiful depictions of Madonna as it captures her sweetness and innocence to life and the world around her.

There are many beautiful paintings of angels through the world that have each brought its own meaning to life and have continued to inspire those who believe in their existence.

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