Your Little Angel’s Room

When it comes to painting our little angel’s room, there are many options to consider.  Do you go with a neutral nursery, traditional pinks or blues, delicate yellows, soft greys or primary colors? Do you make the room for infants knowing you will be re-decorating in a couple of years, or do you forgo the baby look, and go for a room that is more suited to toddlers?  This is your time to make your imagination run wild.  You can go with hand painted murals of jungles, clouds, moon and stars or pictures right out of your favorite picture book.  These may sound like ambitious options; however, a professional painter will be able to help you with your project, no matter how simple or intricate it may be.   Many new parents choose the old do-it-yourself way when it comes to painting a single room and there are many tools and brushes that make the job easier.  Here are a couple of ideas for a child’s room with an angel theme.  For an infant, we chose a mural stencil of this little teddy bear angel with blue, white or pink walls.


Here is something a little out of character, but rather interesting for a little girls’ room.  The mural of this beautiful angel, on a black wall, and the other walls a pale grey, or light green.  Angel themes in decorating give a sense of calmness to a room, and let’s not forget the symbolic message.  Guardian angels look after you, and having a picture of one in your child’s bedroom is a reminder that someone is watching over your precious bundle of joy.