Angels And The Great Outdoors

Bringing your love of angels outdoors is always a good idea.  Statues of angels can be placed in the garden, on a deck, or in a private little meditation corner.  If you are going to be placing large, heavy, plaster statues on a deck that on the 2nd story, it is very important that you have a professional deck builder check to make sure that the deck can withstand the weight of the statue, or have them build it right into your deck or patio.  Also, they would have the proper manpower to place your statue just where you want it.  Having an angel in your yard brings love and peace to your environment.  It symbolizes happiness and joy, which is exactly what you want in your back yard.  Focusing on an angel, whether image or statue, gives one the opportunity to be in the moment, and to contemplate on what is going on in your life.  By creating a beautiful, peaceful outdoor meditation area you and your family can enjoy the opportunity of enlightenment in the fresh air.  Don’t forget to ask the Angels can be asked to protect your home and property. They are always with you, but will never intrude in your life without being asked.  So once again, don’t forget to ask them for any kind of help you may need.