Angels Are Here To Help

Angels are messengers or agents of God.  They are spirits who have great strength and intelligence and are made from ethereal matter which allows them to take on whichever physical form needed at the time.  They were created to love and serve everyone unconditionally so that love may be experienced by all.

Everyone has a Guardian Angel that is created out of the same material or essence that your soul  is made from.  You can look it as a higher aspect of yourself, not separate from you, whose dedication to you is absolute.  Your Guardian Angel makes an agreement with your soul to help it complete any task or journey that your life brings.

We also have Spirit Guides, who are highly evolved beings that are made of pure light and essence.  They are master teachers and can travel through many spiritual levels.  Communicating to you through your thoughts, music and environment, your Spirit Guides are here to help you in making the best choices that will help you grow through life’s experiences.

There are all kinds of Angels that can help you with just about everything.  You can ask them to help you with any project, situation, issue or problem.  You can ask the Angels to watch over your children, fill your home with love, help you break a bad habit, resolve conflicts; just about anything you can think of.

All you need to do is remember to bless all your experiences and ask the Angels to be present everywhere in your life.  By doing this, you begin to find Angelic qualities in your life such as being more open to love and the abundance the Universe has to offer.  You will experience more joy, good health, and fun, and you can sense the Angels’ wings as they fly all around you.

Sometimes, our life can be rather difficult, and there may be situations in which we feel all alone.  By simply writing a letter directly to your Angeles, asking for their help, you can release some of that energy and see things in a whole new light.  After you write the letter, let it go, don’t focus on the situation, just act as if it is resolved.  You don’t have to keep asking.  They heard you, and are there to help.

Having symbols of Angels around your home is a great way to remember that they are here even though you don’t see them.  A statue or image of an Angel will set the tone of the environment, uplifting the vibrations of any room or garden.